June 14, 2017

Worn Out & Water Logged

:: Seems like my mom and Randy are having a good time on their motorcycle vacay!

:: My new workout is wearing me out...whew! 45 minutes of cardio is a killer...feels soooo much longer than my normal 30 minutes. Then tonight I did 15 minutes of leg work, and that just added to my jelly legs. I'm spent!

:: I'm also trying to up my water intake...today I think I overdid it because I feel very waterlogged. That's an uncomfortable feeling...too bloated. Meh.

:: Dinner was delicious tonight -- chicken nuggets, roasted carrots, and roasted sweet potatoes. Mm. All clean.

:: I finished up my book club book this evening...it was ok. It was pretty dramatic in the fact that so many bad things happened to one person...whew. The ending was interesting in that it ended up being set in the time of Jesus...and the main character was one that a miracle happened to. The writing was ok, but it wasn't one that I loved. I wouldn't read any more books by the author.

:: Time to chill...

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