July 26, 2017


Oi! This day was a bit of a doozy!

:: Work was quite busy...I'm working ahead as much as possible to prepare for my week + 2 day vacation coming up. I'm making some good headway, so I'm feeling good there.

:: I took a brief nap at lunch, and that was good...I'm feeling pretty pooped lately.

:: Today was the appraisal at the townhouse...and things got really bad before they got really good. Chris and I were feeling pretty desolate for a few hours. Basically, the townhouse didn't appraise for what we agreed to pay, and we didn't think the seller would budge on her price. We went back and forth a few times and it actually worked out well for us. She agreed to sell at the appraised amount, and we were shocked...so it is official now and this was the last piece of the puzzle. Thank you God for pulling it all together!!

:: We also found out that Tile Guy #2 can't work on our tile within the time frame we have...so Teri is back to the drawing board on that. She guarantees she'll figure it out and doesn't want us to worry about. That's hard, but we are putting our trust in her!

:: We had a lot of visitors this evening...people picking up things they've bought. Made a little more money and more things have left the premises. Whew.

:: I just ate my blueberries and almond milk and that made me happy happy. I have also been eating a ton of watermelon -- it is sooooo good right now! Mmm!

:: Now, it's time for bed!

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