July 27, 2017

Moving along

:: Work was fairly chaotic today...a bit crazy. I'm hoping tomorrow will be more calm.

:: Working on finishing up stuff for the loan on the townhouse. Getting the insurance quote...waiting on some info from the realtor.

:: Made delicious baked potatoes with my healthy sloppy joe recipe and it was oh so good! It's one of my faves.

:: My eating is going well...even though I am a HUGE stress-eater...amidst all the stress we are currently in, I've managed to keep things under control. I've lost 3% body fat and some inches and pounds! Now that I am done with my Whole60, I am doing 6 days of clean eating (basically Whole30-ish) and one day of eating some fun stuff. Last week was my first time doing it, and I enjoyed a few treats. They were yummy, but I was fine getting back to normal the following day. I am very hopeful that this plan can keep me on track.

:: 9 days until our cruise! I didn't want to do a countdown because while that is soooo exciting, it is also very crazy because we have a lot to get done before then with the house. But, we got an email today with the 9 day notice, and it couldn't be ignored :) We are soooo ready.

:: That's what I know today...tomorrow is thankfully Friday. I have one person picking up some stuff tomorrow, and on Saturday we have a guy coming out to look at the riding mower. If he doesn't want it, I have someone else lined up to get it. This is our last weekend before the cruise, so it is crunch time and will be non-stop work. Finish packing, finish loading the pod, take trash to the dump, etc etc. Big (and tiring) weekend ahead! Wish us much productivity!

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