July 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

WE ARE EXHAUSTED. Need to go back to work to get some rest.

:: Friday evening, we worked out and then had dinner at the house. We worked on loading stuff into the Mini pod and got stuff done around the house.

:: Saturday, Chris did a long bike ride and I got the grocery list entered for pickup. Then, we worked on collecting all of our trash into a big pile to see how much we have. We discovered that the dump closes at 1:00 on Saturdays, so we were crunched for time. We headed to Kim and Gary's to borrow their trailer...but unfortunately their hitch was too small for our new monster truck. We weren't able to use it, so no trip to the dump for us. We're going back to our original plan, which is to have a guy we know come pick it up, load it up, and take it to the dump. We'll pay him.

:: Then we ran to Home Depot to get a new lock for the front door (the other one broke), and then we met Mimi out at Jojo's for lunch (her treat!) and to see Aspen. The rest of the day was spent packing and loading and sweating and lifting and etc. We got a lot done thankfully.

:: We decided to have a nice evening out (much needed!!). We had dinner at Vagabond -- pizza and delicious chocolate cake. Then we relaxed and watched tv in bed with the dogs.

:: Sunday, I picked up the groceries and did a few other errands while Chris ran. Then it was a solid day of packing, loading, cleaning, and deep cleaning the carpets. We had someone come by to pick up some items, and we've just gone over a list of to-dos for the week ahead.

:: We basically have five days of work and then we head down to Galveston to take our 7 day cruise!!! Which is much, much, much, much needed and we can't wait. There is a lot to get done before then, and the New Tile Guy has a lot to get done...but it's all coming together.

:: We are exhausted, and my lower back feels like it is going to give out on me. Trying to be careful with that. We are nearing the end of the tunnel, and it is crazy and tiring but we are keeping the big picture in mind.

Hope you all have a great week ahead...we'll take any prayers you want to send our way!!!

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