July 31, 2017

Let Me Share

Would you like to hear about all the things I was able to fit into this day? I'm usually pretty skilled at fitting a lot in...but today took the cake.

My Lunch Hour
: Transferred 3 tables from my car to Kim's truck at work
: Drove home
: Talked to the tile guy about how things are going
: Got Poppy to eat since she was scared because of the tile guy
: Ate my own quick lunch
: Put the crockpot on for dinner
: Packed Chris' lunch
: Rolled up the living room rug and dragged it to the trash pile in the driveway
: Removed boxes from my car
: Snuggled with Poppy for 1.5 minutes
: Forgot Chris' lunch and had to circle back in the car
: Drove back to work


After Work
: Delivered a bag of hangers to a girl who stopped by to pick them up
: Picked up dog food from the vet
: Stopped at the bank to do a deposit
: Drove to our print vendor's shop to pick up boxes he had saved for us
: Went to Target to get eyeliner (mine broke this morning) and caulk (they didn't have)
: Went to Lowes to get the caulk
: Picked Chris up from work
: Stopped to get gas
: Fixed a tear in the upholstery of a theater chair
: Wiped down all of the surfaces in the kitchen to clean up the tile dust

And now...I think I am done.

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