July 23, 2017

Weekend Recap

And...whew. The weekend is over!

:: Friday after work, Chris and I worked out...we needed that outlet after a long week! Then we had a quick dinner at Nico's (gyros) and then headed home to work on stuff at the house. We had to price everything for the garage sale Saturday. It was HOT and it took awhile...but we got it done and then fell into bed.

:: Saturday, our first person arrived at the garage sale at 7:45, and we had a decent amount of people come by. A lot were actually from our neighborhood, but we did get some from town, too. We sold some stuff and made some money. We unfortunately still have some big items that are needing to go, but we are working on those. Also, we still have our two love seats -- those didn't sell. We found a place that was needing couches donated, so we'll have them come pick those up. Done! Kim came over to help us out in case it was crazy...since it wasn't crazy, it was a great opportunity for her and I to catch up. We haven't been able to spend a ton of time together lately, with all this craziness...so we both really enjoyed that! Thank you to her for spending the day with us!!!

:: After the sale, Chris and I worked on loading up our storage unit with our packed stuff. We don't think this unit is going to be large enough for everything. Boo! We may need to get another one delivered. Their "holds up to 5-6 rooms" is quite a stretch of the imagination, I believe! But, making some progress there.

:: Saturday was also Aspen's 21st birthday! So hard to believe. She had to work, so Chris, Mimi and I went to have dinner at Jojo's so we could see her. She had on a 21 birthday crown, and was getting lots of birthday tips...she was having a good day!

:: Sunday, after picking up groceries and doing laundry, we went for a late lunch at Perini to celebrate Aspen's birthday! The food was yummy and we had a nice time together. Then we came back to the house for gifts and cookie cake (her request)! It's very nice to spend this time together as a family again.

:: And now, I prepare for another week...hopefully it will be smooth sailing!!

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