August 03, 2017

This is it for Awhile

Hello! I realize I didn't get a post up yesterday, and I know you all understand :) We are in serious crunch mode right now.

Tonight, we will be getting the remainder of our belongings packed into the second mini pod we had delivered today. Everything didn't fit into the first one. We'll be packing up our suitcases for our cruise, as well. We'll get everything as close to done as possible, so that upon returning from our cruise, we have a very short to-do list before closing on the houses.

It's been a crazy five weeks. The last few days, especially, have been insane. My analytical brain is maxed out and stressed out and I'm sometimes not handling it well. I get buried in the logistics and just don't see how it possibly can all get done. But it will. It is. Chris has had to talk me off the ledge a few times. Bless that man.

Tomorrow, after work, we are heading down to Galveston and then boarding the ship on Saturday. We are so ready to be in the middle of the ocean, resting and relaxing and enjoying the time together for our TENTH ANNIVERSARY!!

So, this is going to be the last post for awhile...cruising and moving will occupy us through the 16th at least. I shall return when I can! Until then, have happy days!

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