March 22, 2006


So...I missed my "blog anniversary" by a few days...March 18th...that marked one year of this blog for me.

One year.

Seems kind of crazy...everyday for a year, give or take a few days here and there...there's a lot of ME poured into this blog...

What I love about blogging:
:: I have documentation of my year...of my thoughts...of my favorite things.
:: I have learned a lot about the people who also have blogs...people I know and people I would one day love to meet.
:: I have built-in journaling for my scrapbook pages, which helps me with one aspect I typically have trouble with.
:: I learn about new, cool things through other blogs.

:: I'm given an avenue to help the people in my life learn more about ME.
:: I'm able to post pictures and keep my faraway friends and family updated on my life.
:: It's an avenue for showcasing my scrapbook pages and creative projects.
:: It's a place that is all mine...I can do whatever I choose, without running it past anyone...that's a dream!

What a wonderful invention...the blog...I don't know what I did before they existed! So, here's to another year...

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Kim :) said...

Happy Anniversary Live:laugh:love!!

I feel the exact same way. I am so glad that you nudged me into starting my blog! I love it! Keep on keeping on ma'am. I love reading your blog!

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