March 21, 2006


I love receiving's one of the highlights of my day! Sometimes mail isn't all good though...

:: Today I overnighted a package to my mom, her wedding reception invitations and envelopes...that little sucker cost $25.25! She's paying me back for it, but the thought of spending that much on mail is crazy to me!! {Edited to add : my mom just informed me that the overnight package she received today was all messed up!!! Luckily the things inside weren't damaged, but just add this to my list of bad mail luck!!}

:: Had a work package returned to me today...that box was all beat to hell. Tell me, WHAT do these mail people do?? Throw everything around? This was a heavy case of paper, not easily thrown. I think they were playing soccer with it in the back mailroom...

:: And in other mail related news...I mailed a birthday gift off to my friend in Minnesota. Her birthday was Wednesday, I mailed it on Monday. Spoke to her yesterday, and she didn't mention it. So I emailed her and asked if she'd received it. Nope. Oi!!! After a little investigating, I discovered that the company she works for denied the package and it came back to my work office! Arrived today actually, so our mailroom mailed it back out. Good grief!

::'s a good one to turn it all around. I received a Thank You note today...from a college friend Marie's son. He's like a little brother to me, and I went to see him in a play recently. And he sent me a Thank You note, thanking me for going to the show. Now...Marie raised this boy right! I am quite impressed by this! I wonder if Marie had to nag him to write it...perhaps...

So, now I've bored you with my mail stories...can you tell I'm still feeling sick and I'm just tired and want to go lay down? :) I'm cooking dinner, and then my happy butt is on the couch the rest of the night with Idol!!

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Kim :) said...

you so did NOT bore me with your stories!! You blog post are never boring to me!!

Sorry that the mail has been a bitch lately! I often wonder what the mail people do with those boxes as well!

Hope you start feeling better very soon!

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