March 22, 2006


My friend Kim inspired me today...she got about 8 scrapbook pages done today! All of them while she was at work!! Yes, she's got the best job in the world...wouldn't it be awesome if YOUR boss let you scrapbook all day if your work was done!? Green with envy, here. Anywho...I came home this evening wanting to get some pages done too. And to honor Ms. Kim for her inspiration, I thought I would find some pictures to use on the 2-page layout that she did for me for Christmas.

Doesn't Kim do fabulous work? I think this is a beautiful layout indeed...I found the perfect pictures for it, and they also happened to be more pics from I am REALLY whittling those puppies down! These were pics from my first Christmas with Chris...our first tree together...

I did this page this evening, in honor of my Clarence...this photo was taken during our last trip home to St. Louis, for Thanksgiving. Love this picture of him! Today, he had surgery where they inserted 129 radiation seeds inside of him, to fight off the cancer they recently found. He came through the surgery well, and within 6 months they will know whether this new treatment is working. He is in my thoughts, and I was in the mood to scrapbook him tonight...

These are pictures from the Tour de Gap bicycle race that Chris does every year...this was 2004. After I finished this layout, I kind of think I may've done this layout before, but not sure. If so, it worked again for this one, so here you go! I titled this one "Competitive Drive" because Chris has a very strong competitive edge. He can go all year long without touching his butt to that bike seat, and then go out there for the race and give it 130%...he's amazing, that way...

So, I had to share...I was productive this evening! I confess, I had most of the bike layout done before tonight. I just put the finishing touches on it :) They've already been included in my total. So, tonight I am adding three to the big number...yes, I'm counting the ones that Kim did mostly! I did add the pictures and the transparencies!!!! :)

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Kim :) said...

Woot Woot!! Look at you go!! I am proud of you for scrapping last night! How exciting that you were able to use the layout I made for you. :) and you should count it in your total, it isn't always easy to find picture to use on premade layouts like that!

Aww. I will keep Clarence in my thoughts and prayers that the radiation seeds work for him! Great layout you did of him as well! :)

Tour De Gap layout is great also! Even if you have done the same layout before, I guarantee it is completely different then the other one! It works great with these pictures. :)

Keep on Keeping on ma'am you will get those 2004 photos done SOON!

I am about to scrap some more for the day.... hope I inspire you again today! :)

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