March 10, 2006

cesar millan

This guy is amazing! He's known as The Dog Whisperer...have you heard of him?

He's got this book releasing April 4th...I may just have to buy it. He rehabilitates dogs and trains PEOPLE. Because according to him, people have it all wrong.

People want to be affectionate with their dogs, treat them like people, dress them up. Cesar says dogs need three things, in the following order:

1. Exercise

2. Discipline
3. Affection

People usually give dogs those three things in the exact opposite order. I know we do. We overflow with affection, have some inconsistant discipline, and rarely exercise them.

Cesar was on Oprah, showing her how she was doing everything wrong. Because you know Oprah treats those spaniels like spoiled babies!! He also has a television show that I enjoy watching. So I'm excited for this book to come out.

Have I discussed this guy before? I'm having dejavu...oh well, I'm a big fan of The Dog Whisperer!! And his book releasing in new!! :)

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Kim :) said...

I saw a bit of his show last week I think it was. He seems like he really knows what he is doing! Hope you enjoy the book when it comes out! :)

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