March 09, 2006


I realized that it's been quite awhile since I've posted a picture...and I just can't have that!! So, here's some gloriousness that Chris captured the other day. Loved this the color, love the fuzzy background, love the composition. My guy is such a great photographer...

Worked a little late this evening...had a few VIP visitors in our department until about 5:45, so it was a longer day than usual. I'm looking forward to a quick dinner, a little Survivor, and as much relaxation as I can muster up!

And hopefully a performance by Bo on Idol tonight...these four people better be going home...Kinnik, Ayla, Kevin, Will...we shall see!


Kim :) said...

Love the picture!! Chris indeed has an eye for photgraphy!

We taped Survivor, but missed Idol. :( I didn't get to see who got the boot! That is the bad thing about only having one VCR, can't record two differnt channels at the same time!

Jackie said...

That is a great photo! I hope I can get some nice shots like that when our flowers start blooming.

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