March 08, 2006


Some days, all signs point to ARGHGHGH!...some days, you just wonder why you even bother trying! :)

This afternoon at work, I stooped down to get something off a lower shelf, and I felt my pantyhose rip. The hugest blowout! From the crotch to my was just a glorious sight. Luckily my skirt covered most of it. (I had tried a new brand because they had a "waistless" variety...and truly, that was pretty awesome! The other brands should really go to that style. But the hose itself was just too thin. Back to my durable Sheer Energy!)

After work, I had a few errands to run. I stopped by the allergy doctor for my weekly shot, and Rose really stuck it to me. It hurt more than it ever has. She kept saying, "Feel okay" over and over, and I just wanted to tell her to hurry it up already! I am not sure what exactly she did different today, but I'm not fond of her technique!

Then I stopped at Skinnys to get some little yellow light was glowing at me. Swiped my debit card, and it came up "Please See Attendant". Okay. I went inside, and the clueless woman said she'd clear it out and I would have to select "Pay Inside". So out I go to fill my gas tank. And then back into the store I go, to pay inside. Kind of defeated the whole point of "pay at the pump" now didn't it? It was quite a ridiculous display, and a waste of time.

Across the street I went to Walgreens. Had a few items on my list (yes, pantyhose being one of them!), plus a prescription to pick up. I had called in the refill at 8:00 a.m. and the woman told me that it wasn't ready (at 5:20 pm!)...that I will have to wait about 15 minutes for them to fill it. I said, "I called this in at 8:00 this morning and it's not ready??" and she gave me the blank stare. By this point, I realize that all my signs are definitely pointing to ARGHGHG! and I make the executive decision to just get the other things on my list and get the hell home. If one more thing had happened in my string of unfortunate events, I probably would've just sat down right where I was and bawled! Better to break the cycle...

American Idol cheered me up here's my synopsis of the boy's performances:

:: Taylor - I thought he had his best night yet. It was the perfect song choice for him, and I love his dramatic antics! He gets so into the music, I can't help but smile when watching him...

:: Ace - I was a little unsure about him when he first started the song, but really he showed his amazing control of his voice tonight. I like his lower tone much better, but he did great. He could stand to lose that annoying beanie though!

:: Chris - this guy is a fabulous performer, and picks songs that are right on for his voice. He sounded great...

:: Elliott - he sings pretty good, but his performances leave me a little flat feeling...

:: Bucky - I can't STAND to look at this guy, but sometimes he sounds okay. He picks good songs for his voice. But he looks like most of the boys I went to high school with, and I'm not into that Kid Rock hick look. Especially if they have snarly teeth!


:: Kevin - what an adorable little nerd...America seems to embrace these geeks and build up their self esteem...but really, he won't win this competition. Let's move on...

:: Giddeon - he can sing fairly well, but I totally agree with Simon...that smile is eerie and just too much...and his whole attitude of being "it" just bothers me...some humble pie, please!

:: Will - such a boy-next-door...sings okay...but tonight's song choice was just cheesy...sub-par...not up to snuff...

And there you have it!


Kim :) said...

Yuck! Sounds like you had one of these evenings it was better to just get home and lay low!

I am with you on your recap of Idol last night! Should be interesting to see who gets the boot tonight!

Jackie said...

I hate days like that. They make me want to come running home and never leave again. Of course, nasty things can happen at home too, so I guess there's nowhere to hide!

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