March 14, 2006


Remember back with all that time you spent on the playground growing up. Lots of fun memories, right? I remember in grade school, I would climb up to the top of the jungle gym and hang upside down forever. Or I would loop my leg around one of the bars and throw myself around and around and around in circles. All things like this took minimal effort, and I was fearless. My grandma would look out her kitchen window to see me walking along the top bar of my swingset. Nothing to it.

Yeah...nothing to it when you weigh fifty pounds! As a grown up, the playground takes on a whole different feel. I asked Chris to climb up and hang from the bars, so I could get some cool pictures of him. This is as far as he flying, hanging upside down is just not something he's comfortable doing!

So I thought I'd give it a try...heaving my legs up onto that bar in the first place was quite the chore, and then I was a little iffy on letting go to hang upside down. I did it though. Kind of fun! But it lasted for about 2 seconds and then I HAD to get down...didn't feel like I could hold myself up for one second longer!!!

And the slide...adults, don't even try the slide, especially if your skin is exposed! Chris has "slide burns" on his elbows and knees...all from one innocent ride down the slide!

There is NO earthly was I could've done the monkey bars. My arms would never hold me up, I know that! We'll leave the playground to the kiddos...Aspen flew across like it was nothing whatsoever. Just another sign...age is getting to us all!

I'm sure glad I have those memories though...


Pammylew said...

HAHAHA!!! I always just watch the kids play..I'm not brave enough to make a total fool of myself. Plus Austin would kill me if I busted up on the playground with him and his friends around!!!! With that said, maybe I should act like a kid. Afterall, that's what parents look forward to doing to their kids...embarrassing them!!!!
Thanks for the idea!

Kim :) said...

aww, what fun you guys had! :) I think leaving the playground to the kids is the best idea as well. I remember when Kelsey was small she went into the McDonalds play ground area and didn't want to come out.. SO I went in after her. GOOD LORDY was that painful!! I decided then that if that ever happened again I would be hiring one of the older children running around the playground to go in after the little monster!

Jackie said...

Look at that skinny little midsection!!! You LOOK like you could hang there all day, even if you didn't!

Looks like you all had a great time.

Even if you are getting old! ; )

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