April 06, 2006


I don't know why...but I love handwriting.

When I was in, oh, I think probably 6th grade, I was all about finding my "own" style of handwriting...having a cool style. I practiced writing all sorts of different ways. I'd slant to the left, slant to the right. Print, cursive. Have lots of loops. Be real straight up and down. I'd evaluate everyone's handwritings, and if I liked it, I would try to copy it. I'd try writing that way for awhile.

I remember two off-hand. I LOVED Dronda's handwriting (PTS)...

it's very bubbly and happy looking. To this day, I would say that my handwriting is most like hers. I studied hers quite a lot! :) The other was my mom's friend, Lisa. She was a professional ballerina, so I was already in awe of her. But she had the coolest handwriting. (don't have a sample of hers) Straight up and down, with very long ascenders and descenders (the part that goes above and below the main part of the letter). Her handwriting had a lot of character, and I tried to write like her for a long time. It wasn't natural for me though. I was more swoopy instead of straight up and down!

After so much "work" to achieve my own handwriting, I guess I'm lucky that I truly love what I came up with! When I look at it now, it is so me. I think handwriting says a lot about a person. It's obvious who takes the time and who doesn't.

My mom, for instance...she could care less! Her handwriting is quite messy, and almost illegible! My boss, on the other hand, is a left-hander, and he has a very slanted, cursive flow. The best handwriting of any man I've ever met. He's an artist too, so maybe that has something to do with it. Us artists appreciate good handwriting...we like things that look good!

This story really has no point...but it was such a big part of my childhood years, that I wanted to share it. My handwriting is a reflection of me. And I think that reflection is right on...


PTS said...

This makes me laugh! Just looking at my handwriting I see so much. I do know now that I do not take the time with my handwriting ~ just busy and do not take the time. At work I scribble it down and at other times I'm usually last minute doing something so it is scribbly too. Happy and bubbly, I would never have thought. But I do see so much that I think is unique to my handwriting and I know it is ME ~ my s's are me; when I sign my name I see a little of my Dad's signature, my y's & g's ~ always claim those to be mine. What a post Kel ~ has me thinking.

But ~ I have to say I LOVE your handwriting and if I was to try to copy someone's it would have to be yours ~ what a twist ~ my PTS!!!

MOM said...


Kim :) said...

Interesting Post!! I really like your handwriting as well, and I can certainly see that you spent time trying to write like PTS! you both indeed to write alike. I don't really like my handwriting (most of the time.) I think I need to learn to embrace it though. After reading your comments of how it is a reflection of me.. Makes me stop and think!

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