April 03, 2006



What a day I had. It started off bad and proceeded to get worse. There were a few highlights (signing for our income tax refund being one of them!), but overall it was a yucky day.

To sum it up: a coworker is out this week on vacation, so me and another girl are covering her job responsibilities. Suffice it to say, I didn't get any of my own work done today. It's never easy picking up someone else's job...there are things that only that person knows. Frustrating and tiring day...and four more of the same to look forward to!

My friend Angie...she was another highlight of my day today. At about 4:55, she came over to my cubicle and gave me a little clipping from her Mary Engelbriet calendar...of two girls, one with long hair, one with short (me and her), and the sweetest little friendship saying. Just what I needed after the day I'd had...and she didn't even know about my day!

Walking with Kim was also good for the soul this evening...so glad I have her in my life!!!

Tonight, I'm not doing anything! Nothing whatsoever!!!!!!

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Kim :) said...

I'm glad I have you in my life as well! :)

I sure hope this week passes quickly for you! You're right, picking up someone else's work load is never easy! Do what you can and leave the rest until tomorrow!

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