May 16, 2006

oh, idol I love thee!

Tonight's show was great!

Taylor's songs were wonderful...all three of them! He is my choice for the win. I know that some people get annoyed with his performing antics, but it's endearing, to me. It always makes me smile. Love him. And he sounded great too. I knew as soon as he said he was singing "Try a Little Tenderness" that it was going to be awesome!

Elliott sounded good, but his performances are always a little flat. He just seems so timid and shy up there. And I'm sorry, his too thin mouth just drives me bonkers!

Now Katherine...I've been iffy on her the whole show. Sometimes I really like her, sometimes not so much. When she stayed and Chris went, I thought that was a little crazy. But this week...Somewhere Over the Rainbow was her best song yet. I sat there, mesmerized. Her shining moment. It was truly beautiful. Performances like that, with no music, just the artist there singing, always move me. It reminded me of Bo's performance last year in the finale, where he just stood in that ray of light and sang. I think she definitely won herself a place in the finale, alongside Taylor!

Sorry, Elliott...

Do you agree, yes???


PTS said...

Well, I'm not an Idol person and I watched tonight the entire show ~ I vote for Taylor ~ just seems to love MUSIC!

Amazing Race tomorrow!!!

Kim :) said...

I agree 100000% with everything you said. I think tonight is Elliots night to go home. I have enjoyed him, but he is indeed just flat when it comes to his performances.

Taylor Rocks!!!

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