May 18, 2006


Well, today I didn't go in to work, since Aspen stayed home sick from school. Mimi has been sick since Tuesday (and it's still hanging on with her), and it finally reached Aspen. Let's hope that it GOES NO FARTHER in the family!

So, it was a quiet day. Watched tv. Knitted a bit on my new scarf. Got Aspen's doctor to call in a prescription and went to Walgreens to pick it up. And was very productive in getting some photos ready to be printed at Winkflash :) 144 pictures, to be exact. And I still have lots more to do. But this was a good chunk...I'll most likely send them off to get printed because I love getting them back in the mail!

Today I also did something difficult. I took that first step. The first step is always the hardest, and I got my workout clothes on and I got on that eliptical machine today. I can not even tell you how long it has been since I've worked out. Way way way too long. I alternated the eliptical machine and arm weights, and almost died. But in a way, it also felt strangely good.

Don't know what tomorrow holds. Don't know if Aspen will be ready to head back to school. Doubtful, as Mimi has been out of work for three days so far. With all the germs flying around this place, I decided to move the crop I'm hosting this weekend. Instead of having it here and chancing that my guests would get sick, we'll be having it over at Kim's house. A much better situation for all involved! Hopefully I won't get the sickness before then and not be able to host. That would seriously bum me out!!

Cross your fingers!


suburban mom said...

wow, that's a lot of photos -- have fun at the crop, I'm jealous :)

Kim :) said...

Hope everyone is feeling better REALLY quickly! And I hope you and Chris don't get it!

Good for you getting on that elliptical machine!

That is going to be a lot of photos, but that means your one step closer to getting them in to an album!

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