April 30, 2009


I mentioned awhile back...Chris is wanting to move. Already. Not even in the house we built for two years yet. I can't say I was too fond of the idea when he first brought it up. When we lived in the other house, and he asked what I thought about moving, I jumped on it immediately.

But, I like our current house. A lot. It means something to me, because he and I built it together, out of nothing. We picked everything out. It's ours, through and through.

I've been thinking about it though...he's wanting to find the house that we'll stay in for many years to come, settle down in. I know that we weren't thinking in those terms when we built our house, and if we were to find a house that we both love and that was just what we need and want for the next long phase of our life, I would be willing to consider it.

That's a really big IF though. Because I don't want to just move for the sake of moving. It would have to be a house worth moving for.

In looking, there are certain things that we are wanting...he wants a three car garage and a bigger living room. I want a very very nice backyard, with a great patio and landscaping. We'd want separate rooms for the scrapbook room and his office. I'd like a guest room. Maybe a man cave/workout room. We don't want anything too old, but we do want it established enough to have a homey feel and some nice trees.

We've looked at one, and would like to look at a few others. But before anything can even be thought about on the buying front, there are things that would need to be done with our current house. Although it is just now almost two years old, there have been some little things gone wrong.

:: Toilet paper holders need to be replaced (they were one-sided and wouldn't stay in the wall)

:: Globe on bathroom light needs to be replaced (the light bulb exploded, causing the globe to explode...but can't find a matching globe, so would probably have to replace them all)

:: A few kitchen tiles need replacing (they were cracked when the granite slab fell off)

:: Front doorknob/lock need to be fixed (we've had problems with this from day one)

:: Yard clean up and simple landscaping (when they laid the sod, they left multiple areas open for landscaping...which hasn't happened yet; massive weeds would need to be removed and landscaping done before it could grow back...this will take a good chunk of money and time)

Overall, I think that would be about it. We do have a slab in the backyard away from the patio that we intended to build a pagoda around...hasn't happened. Not sure it would enhance the house, or just be an added expense for us that isn't necessary.

This is definitely much, much less to do than when we decided to sell our other house. That's good news. If we happen to find the house of our dreams, I'm game. Guess we'll see what happens...

p.s. I do know that if we move, I want to use a moving company this time around... :)


Kim :) said...

That's a lot to think about. I think with you guys thinking about it and planning it already is a good thing. It's good to figure out everything you want now before you make the big move again. I am sure you will find that perfect house, and when you do.. that will be a sign that it's time to move.

Jackie said...

You are a braver woman than me! I can't imagine moving. Although it is fun and exciting to find a new space it's just the transition that kills me. I honestly hope never to move again. I'll be fine where we are for the rest of my life. I hope. Good luck!!!

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