May 03, 2009

weekend update

:: It's been a good, relaxing weekend...much needed! Hope you have enjoyed yours...

:: This morning, I dropped Chris off at the airport...he's off on a business trip for a few days, for a convention in St. Louis! Unfortunately, he'll be too busy with the activities to meet up with my mom like they did last year...but luckily they just spend some good time together while she was here visiting...I will miss him bunches. My life isn't the same without him in it!

:: Looked at two houses this weekend, and that turned out to be interesting. The first house was 3 years old. Loved the floorplan. Some landscaping out front. Backyard was pretty ho-hum. The family is in the middle of a divorce, and the house was not in the best shape. For only being 3 years old, there was some rough wear and tear on it. And we're finding that these newer houses just feel so "cheap" in our current house, the drywall is like fluff. I'm afraid to hang anything on the walls! The house had a bonus room upstairs above the garage that would've made a great bedroom for Aspen with a bathroom, and out on the landing was a nice sized area for a scrapbook room. The master bathroom was super nice, with a big closet. The kitchen was a good size, but the kitchen counters were not good...granite, but tiles...and they were not smoothely lined up. Some weird light fixtures, including two very tacky gold and dangly glass chandeliers. Overall, an okay house with a wonderful floorplan, but not necessarily built well and needing multiple fixes to silly stuff.

The second house we looked at was 17 years old. We were wanting to stay fairly new (maybe under the 10 year mark), but this house was very very nice. And compared to new construction, it felt totally different. Very stable and secure. Solid. Why are new builders using such inferior products? It's very obvious. This house was very well taken care of. Compared to the first house, it was in much better condition. The floorplan is very good...big downstairs, and a full upstairs. Very nice living room area with built-ins and lots of character. Very nice updated kitchen with a sub zero fridge and Viking appliances. Nice granite counters. There is a butlers pantry which is awesome...a pretty large room filled with cabinets, an ice maker, the microwave, a warmer, an organizers dream. Three bedrooms upstairs, three and a half baths, an office, hardwood floors, new carpet, and decent tile. The downsides are the wallpaper throughout...some is passable, some is totally not. We could get by with replacing only the border in the kitchen, but the dining room would need redoing. And all three bathrooms would need redoing. The master bathroom is HORRIBLE and would probably need to be gutted. We are not big "do-ers", and after buying a new house will not have money for awhile to make remodeling decisions. The front of the house is adorable, with two big green trees and very homey. Great neighborhood. Really liked it a lot, and could even see us living there. BUT. I love our house now, and it needs NO remodeling. Just a few small fixes and some landscaping. Do I really want to move somewhere that needs wallpaper removed in lots of the rooms, and where most of the bathrooms need redoing? Don't know. It's priced very good and with some changes could be an amazing house that we could live in for many years to come.

:: Chris and I went to see "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" last night, and thought it was a pretty cute and funny movie. Fairly predictable, of course...but we both enjoyed it. And of course, I always love a date night out with my hubs...he was good to see a chick flick with me, more brownie points! He is racking them up!

:: I'm about to head out and do my Sunday errands...and need to prep myself for CLEAN NAZI which is starting on Monday. I am excited!!!! I feel 100% NASTY people. Ug. Ready to get back on with my clean lifestyle, and am going to do it as close to 100% as I can. Go me!!!


Anonymous said...

Chris in STL and no plans to say Hi? Shame he is too busy to even see your Mom too. Would have loved seeing him. Hope he has a good trip!


Jackie said...

I hope your first day back on the wagon goes well. Did the Peeps at Easter get you? I never see a peep without thinking of you! I know what you mean about life not being the same when Chris is gone. KT is out of town on overnight things more & more. And I HATE it more than a little!

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