May 04, 2009

a good day

:: Missed the first half of Dancing with the Stars tonight, but saw the last four dances...whew! I thought Melissa did an amazing job on her last one...loved that dance!!!

:: Took Aspen to track this evening, and walked 4 miles around the campus while she practiced. It was a beautiful evening, with a nice breeze with a slight chill to it. Very nice way to spend an hour.

:: Speaking of Aspen, she has started a blog! Her link is on the sidebar. It's a running blog for her to keep track of what she is doing. If you're interested, check in for a glimpse into her 12 year old brain...

:: My boss asked me today if I would like to attend the
Maximum Impact Management Simulcast on Friday...woo hoo!!!! It is an all-day affair of listening to lots of great speakers talk about leadership...and I feel very honored that my boss has asked me (a non-manager) to attend. Should be a great learning experience for me...

:: The Clean Nazi is in the house people! I had a fabulous first day and already feel a ton better. Ahhhh. Go Nazi go!!! I'm about to log my food for the day, and will be happy with what I see. My overall goal is to lose 7 pounds, and then begin to build some good lean muscle on top of that. Seven pounds will be a bit difficult on my frame, but I know I can achieve it. Seven pounds will get me to a place where some people might call me "too skinny", but then I plan to build muscle on top of that. I found before that building muscle when I wasn't at a low enough weight was making me feel a bit thick...and I didn't like that. I'm ready to rock it! Woo hoo!

:: I slept like a rock last night, and woke up feeling so refreshed, with the early morning light streaming in. It's glorious when you can hop out of bed and feel ready to embrace the day...

:: It's only 9:13, and I've still got some time left in my evening...think I'll do some scrapbooking!

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Jackie said...

Glad to hear you are feeling well! As for your weight loss goal, you should check out jillian Michaels 30 Day shred. Heard it kicks butt! Also might want to check out her new book mastering your metabolism. Think it goes nicely with clean eating.

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