May 11, 2009

dang good monday

:: Alas...half of our company is currently off on a 7 day cruise to St. Lucia...and Chris and I were not on that boat :( Kind of a bummer, but the good news is that I had a pretty quiet day at work and actually got a lot accomplished. I am hoping for an entire week like that! Ahhhh...who needs sandy beaches for relaxation? Just gather up the people who create the work and the stress and strand them on a boat out in the middle of nowhere, with no means of technology...simple deal!

:: I've been reading
this...a little refresher never hurts.

:: Also well into this one...picked it up at Walgreens to tide me over until I can get to Books a Million to spend my gift card. The story is okay so far...pretty predictable.

:: I think with my Books a Million gift card I will buy this...had a good conversation about it today with a coworker and our CEO...they both raved about it, and apparently the private college here in town made all their incoming Freshmen read the book. That's gotta be good, right?

:: Had lunch with Kim today and enjoyed our chat very glad that we do this every other week. It's nice to have time for just her and me to catch up.

:: Chris and I getting after our "flower beds"...when the sod was laid at our house, the landscaper left seven nicely shaped areas grass-free to designate where the flower beds would go. Needless to say, the sod was laid almost two years ago and no landscaper has made any progress with us. So, we currently have seven eye sores...I swear to you, the plethora of weeds are at least waist high. If we are ever going to put our house up on the market, those are going to have to be cleaned up. Chris and I are on a mission, and have a flower bed at a time. We'll clear it out, bag it up, put down soil/mulch. Done. Then continue that fashion until all seven beds are done. The yard will look a trillion times better with just that done, regardless of whether there are any flowers in them. So, that is the plan. Chris and I worked on Flower Bed #1 yesterday for many hours, and it is still not completely cleared of weeds. We're close though. Chip away, chip away...

:: Speaking of I found what could possibly be an amazing house...however, it is in the wrong school district. Not good, because we are definitely wanting to stay in the same district. I'm dying to see the house, but Chris doesn't want us to look at it at all, because he knows we'll fall in love with it!

:: My monthly scrapbook crop is this weekend and I'm looking forward to getting a lot accomplished! Need to get a few things in order for it and I should be able to step into "get-it-done" mode pretty easily...

:: Time to make tacos! And guacamole, possibly my favorite food ever (lucky for me, it's Clean!!).

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