May 12, 2009

just some ramblings

:: Mimi told me about something today called "Cook Yourself Thin." It's apparently a tv show on Lifetime, and also a cookbook. I've not looked into it yet, but plan to. She says that they take a normal recipe and show you what to replace ingredients with to make it healthier. Worth a look, I'd say.

:: Another great, quiet day at work...ahhhhh...

:: American's definitely an interesting season. Any of those three boys could win. Here's my thoughts. Danny is likeable and has a great gravelly voice. Adam has great stage presence and is the most comfortable with his talent. Kris is the dark horse. He's cute and quiet and I love how he changes songs up. When he announced that he was going to sing "Heartbreaker" by Kanye West, Chris and I exchanged could've gone either way, but I had a feeling it was going to be a "moment" for him...and it was AMAZING! I loved it...

:: Now I'm waiting to see who is getting the boot on Dancing with the Stars...

:: Aspen has started doing my Jackie Warner workout video with me some evenings...she is pretty good at it! Before long, she'll be buff betty and I'll still be struggling. She's a skinny minnie with zero body fat, so getting nice muscles will be easier for her. Oh, to be 12 instead of 33! It sucks how life catches up with you and before you realize it, you're struggling to get your old body back!!!

:: And I have to admit...we are excited to watch the Bachelorette next week :) I know, I know...we really like Jillian! They sure know how to suck us in, by chosing these people we know and love to do the next show!

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