May 20, 2009

exciting evening

:: Super super excited about the winner of Idol!!!!!!! Very surprised, but so glad it turned out the way it did. Yay!!! America got it right. Can't wait for his cd to come out!!!

:: Aspen went up to the track this evening with Chris and met up with his friend Rolando...and Rolando paced Aspen in the mile in her quest to break 6 minutes...and it was her night, she ended up running a 5:51 time! Her fastest time ever, and not even a race situation. Very excited for her. And she is very excited, as this earned her an "ungrounding"...she has her life back finally. Hopefully she'll keep it that way!

:: Had dinner with friends this evening, so no cooking for me...that was nice! We all watched Idol together, and had a big cheering round when the winner was announced!!

:: Saw some cute things online
this and to choose?

:: An interesting thing happened in my quest for a multi-vitamin...oi, my retarded body! I have been taking Centrum's chewable orange multi-vitamin, and all has been well. I went to the chewables, because regular vitamins tend to make me dizzy. I mean full out room spinning. Well, I thought I might try Centrum's regular vitamins, because I don't really like the orange taste. Took my first one on Monday, and all seemed okay. No dizzy spells, and I thought I was free and clear. Took another one on Tuesday. Then I started noticing...I was getting tiny little bump rashes in odd places. Like behind my ears. On the back of my neck. On my shoulders. And my ears are on fire. Itchy and bumpy. So very bizarre, and the only thing I can think to link it to is the vitamins. I think it must be the binder the use on the outside coating. It's so ridiculous. Back to the orange chewables I go...

:: Well, I've been gone all evening, and need to do a few things...bye for now!

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Jackie said...

Tough call on the camera strap. I kinds like the green cause it's very different BUT the black is more versatile I suppose.

I didn't watch any of Idol this season but I saw a few clips on a Co-workers computer once and I named the runner-up plasti boy cause he looked fake to me!

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