May 14, 2009

i heart itunes

Thanks to Ms. Dronda Louise, I did a little shopping this evening on a couple of fun ones that I can't wait to load onto my pod.

:: I Know You Want Me -- Pitbull
:: The Anthem -- Pitbull
:: Heartless -- Kris Allen (Idol)
:: Walkin' After Midnight -- Megan Joy (Idol)
:: Put Your Records On -- Corinne Bailey Rae
:: Let Love Be -- Elliott Yamin
:: Home Sweet Home -- Carrie Underwood

And I still have some money left! Yippie!

One of my favorites is Pitbull...I love jamming to his songs. Half the lyrics are in spanish, and from what my coworkers Victor and Delia tell me, ooooh they're pretty nasty :) What I can't translate can't hurt me!!

Time to load up the music and hop on the treadmill!!

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Jackie said...

I commented on this earlier and it didn't post! Argh!!

I just heard of Pitbull the other day and was thinking about downloading that same song. How funny is that?

As for your diet issues, I really think you should check out that book I mentioned by Jillian Michaels-Mastering Your Metabolism. I think it will go hand in hand with what you're already doing. She (JM) is really big on organic, natural stuff and goes into depth about how all the chemicals, etc. that we come into contact with everywhere affect our body chemistry. It's interesting and scary!

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