May 07, 2009

thursday's finest

:: The outside temperature guage in my car read 104 degrees this afternoon! That is way too hot for early May. What is July going to bring us???

:: Chris is home, Chris is home...and he seems to have really missed me. More than normal. Not sure why, but I love it!!

:: Aspen disected a cow eyeball today at school...oh my! To hear her tell stories of it is pretty funny...

:: Excited to attend the leadership simulcast tomorrow...I should be able to learn a lot. Then back in the office around 3:00 or so...

:: I finished reading "Belong to Me" by Marisa de los Santos...very, very good book. I really enjoyed it. The characters were fun, and the stories really took off in unexpected directions. She is a great writer, and I am looking forward to her next book coming out. "Belong to Me" is actually the sequel to "Love Walked In", and I recommend both. Very engaging and well written...

:: I wasn't able to watch Idol last night, but am a bit surprised with who America voted off. After Danny's hideous performance and horrible song, I would have honestly thought he would be next, 100%. Is America watching the same show that I am? I need to watch the recording this evening, for nothing else but to at least see Paula perform... :)

:: Time to get dinner started...beef stroganoff this evening. Yum!

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