May 06, 2009

time for bed

A long day, but one that ended very, very well!

After a productive, full day at work, I headed off to get my allergy shot. Then on to Kim's house for bunko! We all had such a fun evening together! Lately, we've been playing with 8 players, so it was fun to have a full house of 12 players again. We were loud and laughed so much. It felt so good!!

From bunko, I headed to the airport to await Chris' was so great to see him coming through the gate! I missed him world is back in alignment. Somehow, I always start to feel a little unlike myself, when he is away.

Wonderful friends and the best husband in the world...I am one lucky, lucky girl.

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Kim :) said...

bunko was great last night! Enjoyed the laughs.

I know the feeling you are talking about when your husband is gone. Love it when they come back to where they belong!

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