May 18, 2009

too much tv

:: Such a big tv week :) Yes, I need a life.

:: Dancing with the Stars finale was I thought the group dance was really good for all three of them. But honestly, I was not fond of any of the freestyle dances at all. Blah. My guess is that Giles will win, but I would kind of like to see Melissa win. Either way.

:: And the Bachelorette begins...looks to be an interesting season for Jillian. We're already sucked in. I love that she gave the First Impression rose to the guy who totally blanked when he first met her. Classic. And it cracks me up, what they all look like during the rose ceremony...they honestly look like serial killers! Watch next'll see...

:: Looking forward to the Idol finale tomorrow...

:: AND! So You Think You Can Dance starts on the 21st I think, hip hip hooray!!!! That is my very favorite!!!

:: Am feeling a bit wiped out still from the bike ride and yard work yesterday, so think I will turn in for the night...


Kim :) said...

I'm with you on the too much tv thing! We have so many things recorded right now we may never catch up. and yet we've added all the new shows you'ved listed also! I can't wait for the new shows.

Terry said...

I was so disappointed in Melissa's free dance last night. She is so much better than that demonstrated!
I thought Shawn's was a lot of fun and of course, Gile and Cheryl always look good. I didn't like Shawn's first costume--her dress was distracting or something.
Any way, I think Gile will win.
I hope you are having a great day!

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