January 17, 2012


:: What to post about today?? Sometimes the mind just runs dry. Just gets stuck in the "what needs to be done to get through this day?"

:: I'm there right about now.

:: I put out so much brain power at work, just trying to stay afloat and accomplish what needs to be done. I'm also constantly learning there. Wears a poor brain out!

:: Not reading anything right now, beyond magazines.

:: Not watching anything right now...nothing interests me. I am excited for The Voice to begin season 2, after the superbowl. When does So You Think You Can Dance begin? That's about the only other thing I care to watch.

:: I do need to start getting things ready to work on at my three day scrapbooking retreat in February! I am looking very forward to that! Taking off work on Friday, February 10th, and then staying until Sunday, February 12th. I'm going to scrapbook and knit and work on organizing my recipes.

:: I need to prepare for a week-long business trip to Ohio, as well. Will leave for that on January 30th and come back on February 3rd. I'll be riding along with a sales manager there and shadowing him. Seeing what it's like to be a manager and live on the road. Should be an interesting week. I'm bummed though, since I'll have to miss bunko for it. Boo!!

:: A donkey down the road had a little baby donkey and it is sooooo fuzzy. I hope to see it again tomorrow!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh a baby donkey ~ how sweet! PTS

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