January 18, 2012

super excited

Hello! I have very exciting news to share!!

My dear PTS (part-time sister) Dronda is coming to visit us here in Abilene!!!

Her last visit was back in 2006...that seems like sooo long ago! Well, 6 years...that is awhile! Ocho was still a little pup, and we were still in the Riviera house.  Her visit was right before we moved into our Waterway house.

She emailed me today to say that she was ready to book her airfare! She is coming down the second week of February, and she will be able to go to our scrapbook retreat out at Camp Butman. :) I am so excited to have her scrapbook with us for two days!!! She'll be coming in on Tuesday, and leaving on Sunday afternoon. I will take some time off work, and will leave the retreat Sunday to deliver her to the airport...and then head back for a few more hours of scrapbook fun.

I can't wait! :) :) :) :) :)

Looking very forward to some PTS time. Dronda is one of those very special people that are rare in life...one of those that you can go a year without seeing, but you fall right back into chatter and friendship the moment you are together. This girl is so very special to me.


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Anonymous said...

Oh you are soooo sweet! Can't wait and I'm so impressed you know the details of when I was last there. Remember we looked at brick, brick & more brick :-)!

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