January 19, 2012

living for the weekend

:: So ready for the weekend!!

:: Tomorrow is casual day at work and I am looking forward to wearing my new cowboy boots! Ye haw!

:: No weekend plans really...Aspen has her dance Saturday night, so we'll take photos and drive them to/from the location. Should be an interesting event! Beyond that, we'll see what comes our way!

:: I have started reading a book that our company gave us as an end-of-year gift...Heaven Is For Real. It's about a little boy who came very close to death, and his apparent encounter with Jesus. I'm not too far in yet, but it is pretty good so far.

:: I have also been doing nightly Bible reading...I can read it on my new tablet, and that is kind of fun!

:: The eating this week hasn't gone very well...I'm not looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow morning :( I have done some cardio every evening though, so that is something. An improvement. I was telling Kim today...all I really want right now is some Nutella!! But too much sugar in it. Once I get where I want to be, I can reintroduce some little treats. But I need to be diligent for awhile. At least until all my clothes fit again!!

:: I need to start getting some stuff planned for the upcoming retreat...I don't want to lug my entire scrapbook room to the camp site, so I need to plan and condense. That will take some time. Time to start!!

:: About to go into the media room and sit with my hubby while he watches the game...taking my tablet with me :)

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