January 22, 2012

winter formal - sophomore year

On Saturday, Aspen went to her first high school dance...the Winter Formal. The girls ask the guys, and it's for Sophomores and up. Aspen asked a junior named Kaleb, and since he said yes we found a dress, and shoes, and jewelry.

Saturday, I dropped Aspen off at the beauty college where Mimi works to get her hair and nails done. She did french manicures on her hands and toes, and did a curly sideswept bun with loose curls. The hair ended up being more difficult than expected, and there was some concern that it wasn't going to turn out. In the end, she looked very pretty...

Here she is, in full ensemble:

And here is a back view of her hair:

Here she is with her date, Kaleb...we unfortunately didn't get to meet him. The plan was for him to come over to our house, we would meet and take photos, and then we would drive them downtown to the dance. He got off work late, and had some issues with him mom, so the plan changed and he needed to meet at the dance. So we drove Aspen to the dance, and I intended to take some photos of them before they went in. That is, until I opened my car door and Aspen said, "Where are you going? There are people in there." So, needless to say, I stayed in the car and she went on her way, and the photo below is the only one taken of the two them. Not sure who took it.

We did take a few photos before leaving the house...here is one of Aspen with Chris...she is almost as tall as him, because she is wearing 4 inch high heels!

Her first real pair of high heels...she walked pretty well in these 4 inchers.

Seems like she had a fun time...

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She looked gorgeous!

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