January 16, 2012

productive monday

: Today, I feel like I accomplished a lot at work. I had a pretty long list, and I made a really good dent in it. That always feels nice! I didn't have a single meeting either, so that was helpful toward having a productive day! :)

:: Wore my new gray t-strap shoes today...they did good until right at the end of the day, and then my toes started hurting.  Not as comfy as my cowboy boots!

:: Chris is watching Alcatraz...anyone else watching it? He's inrigued.

:: I made stuffed portabellos for dinner tonight...stuffed with lobster goodness. It was pretty tasty! A Pampered Chef recipe.

:: Reading through my In Style magazine...learning more about pairing things in new and different ways. It's kind of fun!!

:: Hello granny!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what a glorious day when there is not a meeting on the calendar. Happy Day!

Hello Granny!


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