June 18, 2012


:: Had a good day...work was good, and had lunch with Kim!! She's on vacation this week, but blessed me by sharing an hour of it with me. We ate at Subway and chatted over tuna sandwiches. It's always good chatting with her and catching up. I'm also excited for her...she is taking an online Photoshop class and today was the first day! Can't wait to hear how it went.

:: Watched The Bachelorette this evening, and was happy that she sent Ryan home. I am proud of her for seeing through him. And more importantly, she had her group of men ride in on donkeys!!! There is nothing cuter than that!!

:: Started a new book....Jodi Picoult's "House Rules"...not too far into it, but always love her books. I like how slow she builds them, so many details. And how they all come together at the end.

:: I'm feeling pretty disgusted with myself...I am wanting to lose weight but am having the worst time getting motivated. I haven't made it a day yet. I keep planning to start the next day and then off I go. Really, come on!! Pull yourself together!!!! Get some strength! Tomorrow is a new day and I have to give it my all. Losing weight will feel better than anything tastes. I CAN DO IT! I just need to get a good week or two under my belt and then it will be much much easier. Those first two weeks are the hardest. Dang, the first day is the hardest!!  My big problem now is that I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. I love Dr. Pepper. Last time I went healthy, I wasn't drinking any caffeine.  So it was easier. Soda is evil addictive stuff. One day, starting tomorrow. And then one day added at a time.

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