June 19, 2012

a simple day

:: Today we enjoyed a casual day at work! A Random Act of Kindness by our CEO...and tomorrow we get to wear jeans again, for a donation to one of our charities. Woot woot!

:: Just took the pups for a walk...after 8:00 and still so hot. But the pups enjoyed it!

:: Watching the NBA finals game 4...go Thunder!!!!!

:: I am happy to report that my eating was right on today! After my self-pep-talk last night, I was determined! One day down. Now it's just a matter of adding one day on, at a time. One day. Small steps equal the big goal.

:: About to do a little prep work for scrapbook pages. I've got my man in my scrap room, watching the game...what could be better???

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Anonymous said...

Self pep talks...gotta love 'em!


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