March 31, 2015

:: My Tuesday, which was like my Monday, went well -- caught up really quickly, and then had good production. Even better, we have Business Casual days all week! Meaning capris/khakis/polo shirts.

:: Did another HIIT workout after work, three sets. It wiped me out! I'm feeling good about these.

:: Made fish and roasted mushrooms for dinner...and totally forgot to make the spaghetti squash. :( Boo, I was looking forward to that!! Life Group is cancelled tomorrow, and Mimi is buying Mr. Burger. So I will add the spaghetti squash on Thursday's menu.

:: Tomorrow is Ocho's 9th birthday!! We love our dapper boy!

:: This evening I saw my Huck! Sweet donky -- made my day!

:: Have you seen the new Bush's Baked Beans commercial? Basically, they ask the kids what their favorite vegetable is, and they are silent (because oh gross, veggies are nasty!). Then they put the baked beans on the table and the kids go crazy for them. And their tag line is "Baked beans -- the favorite vegetable of kids!!" WHAT!!! This is exactly why America is so confused about food! Exhibit A!!! Beans are not vegetables. Beans are not vegetables!!!!!! I was beside myself when I saw this.

:: On a happier note :) For those interested, this is the resort we'll be staying at in Aruba! The Marriott!

:: Time for me!

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