April 01, 2015

:: Today is Ocho's 9th birthday!! We love our boy! He woke up spry and spunky, and was ready to play ball with his tail wagging!

:: Learned today that Aspen has found a second job to supplement her Dillards income. So that should help her make ends meet. She will be working part time at a dentist's office, answering phones to cover the lunch hours. She and Chris are attempting to find a time to get together for their first meeting since she left mid December.

:: My new book is going well so far! It is an easy read, and I am enjoying discovering the story line.

:: I find that in the evenings, I am exhausted mentally and physically -- so I don't want to do anything productive, I really just want to lay on the couch and read or play games on my Kindle. My brain is needing to unwind. It makes it even more enjoyable when I get out my fuzzy new blanket and Poppy snuggles up with me. Can't pass up those opportunities!

:: We will be home this weekend and I am looking forward to it!! We have been gone the past three weekends. I'm going to clean our house and putter putter putter! And hopefully Chris and I can go to the gun range too! I haven't been able to shoot my new gun yet! And I am excited to go to church on Sunday for Easter! It has been forever since we've been able to go due to traveling.

:: Guess that's it -- more tomorrow!

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