April 02, 2015

:: Well, I almost forgot to post this evening, because it feels like Friday! Because we are off tomorrow for Good Friday! Looking very forward to our day off.

:: Today, for lunch, a very sweet coworker prepared a delicious lunch for my department as a thank you! She really outdid herself!! We started with salad and bread, then moved on to a delicious chicken dish, roasted asparagus, green beans. And finished off with a to-die-for dessert! Today I decided on everything except the bread -- couldn't pass the dessert up, it had ice cream in it! :) And that would have just been rude :) It was a nice lunch with my team, and with our amazing coworker who served us like royalty!

:: Chris and Steven are running 12 miles in the morning...so I will be starting my day by putting drinks out for them! Then the pups are getting baths, they are in need! Tomorrow evening, we have a baby reveal party, so that should be fun! Chris and I both think it is a boy. We shall see!

:: As for the rest of the long weekend, not sure what it holds. Yard work for Chris, cleaning for me. Hopefully the gun range. And Mimi and I are going to cook a little Easter lunch on Sunday. The rest is up for grabs at this point!

:: Chris and I watched Labor Day last night. We currently have free movie channels, and that is one I had wanted to see. It was actually a pretty good movie we thought. Slower paced, but a good story and well acted. I even stayed up a little late (on a work night, gasp!) to finish it! :)

:: This weekend I am going to try to catch up by watching The Dovekeepers -- hopefully I can fit that in too!!!

:: Hope you all have a beautiful Easter!! "It is finished."

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