April 05, 2015

This flower photo was taken by me at the Garden Tomb in Israel, where Jesus was buried after the cross -- where he rolled away the stone and returned as our savior!
Happy Easter everyone!!

I hope that you all enjoyed the holiday! We had a very nice Easter here...Chris and I attended the Easter service at church on Saturday evening. As one of the biggest religious holidays, a lot more people tend to come out for them...so our church added an additional service to help alleviate the congestion. We decided to switch it up and we really enjoyed going the evening before. It was a great service by Pastor David! Mimi wasn't feeling well after her work day, so she headed home instead.

I was excited to wear my new white dress for Easter! :)
:: On Sunday, Mimi and I made a delicious Easter lunch -- ham, potato salad, green bean casserole, and jello salad. Yum yum! Certainly not on my meal plan, but I enjoyed it all, as well as a sugar cookie and a few Peeps :)

:: The rest of our weekend was good...we were off work Friday for Good Friday, and we enjoyed a relaxing/productive day. Chris and I had lunch at Lucy's (burgers), and then picked up a few things he needed for the mower. His weekend has been spent getting rid of our "Winter" yard...quite a doozy of a task!! It looks so nice now, and ready for Spring/Summer. Friday evening, we attended a baby reveal party, and they are having a girl! They are going to name her Ester.

:: I cleaned the house this weekend...it was in dire need, after being gone for so many weekends! It's good to have it all fresh once again (for the short time it lasts!). Chris and I had dinner at Brickoven Pizza last night after the Easter service, and I treated myself to some delicious pizza there. Mmmm! Then we rented Interstellar, with Matthew McConaughey. It was decent...though it was confusing in parts I felt.

:: Busy week ahead...bunko on Tuesday, Mimi's birthday on Wednesday, the dentist, Friday lunch with a vendor, and then off to Dallas on Saturday for Chris' Marathon!!!

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Paul S said...

Live, laugh, love and be happy!
I hope you had a great Easter.

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