April 06, 2015

:: I enjoy blogging -- I really do it to get my thoughts down, to document our life for future scrapbook journaling, and to keep my far-away friends and family updated on our life. I rarely get a comment, and I don't go through the process to get subscribers or sell anything or discuss deep, profound things. So I was taken aback today when I saw a comment on my blog from Paul S.!!!! I only know one Paul S., and he isn't someone I picture reading this blog. Paul S. -- identify yourself :) I'm so excited to have a random reader ha ha!!!

:: It was a tad weird being at work on a Monday!! It was a good day though, and we had some fun too taking photos for our annual report. I was in one shot and I just know the modeling agencies will be beating down my door!

:: I put together some new workouts over the weekend, and I did the first one this evening. Most of it was good, but a few things were harder than expected. Little by little.

:: My husband is currently sitting on the couch. In all the years I have known him, I think he has sat on the couch about 4 times. Bizarre! And he is watching the national championship game, on our regular tv -- when he could be watching it in the theater room. It's an odd night people. Is there a full moon??

:: I am enjoying The Storied Life of AJ Fikry...I'm about a third of the way through, and it is keeping me interested. I have absolutely no idea how it will end. That is a good thing! I read a line in the book that struck me -- it said that you can tell a lot about a person by knowing what their favorite novel is. I would love to know what yours is!!!

:: I am burning the last of my very favorite candle and I am quite sad -- it is only available at Christmas. On second thought, I just blew it out. I have to ration it for 7 more months!!!!

:: My mom went to the doctor today and found out that she will be out of work for 3 more weeks as she works at physical therapy to continue healing from her broken shoulder. Please pray for her complete healing! Mimi also went to the doctor today and he had her have some blood work done. Her feet and ankles are painfully swollen, and she has gained 7 pounds since her appointment last month. Something seems to be going on. Please prayer for her as well.

:: I think it is time to join my husband on the couch!!!!

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