May 13, 2015

:: Here we are at general, for me, it was a fairly productive, overall decent day. Stress was at a minimum thankfully. For me, anyway.

:: Getting back on track with food and workouts...going well so far.

:: I made a random, "make it up as you go" dish tonight for dinner! I used brown rice pasta (no gluten) and added this and that and this and that! Two different kinds of olives, diced pickled okra, capers, mushrooms, cilantro, coated in olive oil. I thought it was pretty tasty, and there are leftovers! Yum! We had this alongside baked fish and zoodles!

:: My lunch with Nadene was great today! We went to McCalisters and discussed my request of her -- I finally got up the courage to ask her to be my spiritual mentor! One of my goals for 2015 was to find a spiritual mentor, and I've been praying about it these first four months. There are a number of people in my life who could easily become a mentor, but every time, I kept coming back to Nadene. I was so nervous to ask her though, mainly because that meant I was making it official and I knew she would push me way outside of  my comfort zone. And then I decided that I just had to face my fear and ask her. We discussed it today, and we're going to go for it...we are going to keep it unstructured and just see where it takes us. I am excited and nervous. We are going to meet after work next Wednesday for our first "session"...I don't know where this will take me, but God does!

:: We had another day of crazy rain here today...I spoke with our nurse practitioner about my week-long headache, and she does feel like it is probably weather related. I need some clear days so this can move out of my system. Tired of it!

:: Time to unwind with a glass of Mr. Baber's delicious watermelon wine! :)

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