June 17, 2015

:: Five more pages to go in the scrapbook-for-hire!! Last night I was reading through a few notes the 10 year old girl sent her parents while she was at summer camp -- those were so funny! They will make a very cute page, just need to figure out what to do with them.

:: Chris met today with Bryce, the flight instructor he flew with on his discovery flight. He is gathering up his notes so he can tell me all about it here in a minute!

:: I joined in our 8:20 prayer group this morning at the office, and we talked about anger. How anger can eat us alive if we let it. There was a good passage that I want to share here, as soon as I can find it. The prayer group is great -- it is voluntary, and whoever shows up prays together to get the day started. And on Fridays, we also sing! This morning, we also went around the circle and each added something to the prayer, so it was some good practice for me. In being completely transparent here, I must say that praying out loud is very foreign to me, especially in front of people. I have been working on this with Nadene through a number of different exercises, and am beginning to feel more comfortable in the act. So, this morning was a good step for me!

:: I Am Malala -- the current book for book club -- mmmmm it is a doozey. DOOZEY. Not my type of book at all, and I am only 38% done. Book club is next Tuesday. I don't know that I will finish by then, or if I really care to, honestly. I am doing a lot of skimming just to make it to 38%. Oi. It is so detailed I can not even handle it. It is about a girl who was shot by the Taliban, and all the back story involves so.much.explaining. She talks about her culture, but then has to translate what it means in English. There is a young reader version and I dare say I should have gotten that instead. Hopefully for next month, we can read something light and fiction!!

:: Nadene and I are carrying on with picking out the principles in John. We also have a new memory verse for this week. I am proud of myself, I have three verses memorized so far, and with my memory that is a huge accomplishment! I am continuing to go over the previous ones, so that they stay fresh in my mind. We have tentative plans with The Smiths to get together on Sunday at some point.

:: One of Chris' coworkers discovered a baby donkey near his home this week! I think I will take a trip over there this weekend to see this baby! The guy, who isn't really fond of donkeys, actually said, "It is honestly the cutest thing I have EVER seen." That is saying a lot! It is a must see :)

:: I'm taking a break from scrapbooking tonight, so off I go to chat with Chris and maybe pull out some Bible principles!

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