June 18, 2015

:: This day is drawing to a close...overall, it was pretty decent. I hope you had a great day!

:: I had to share this cute pic of my mom! She and her hubby Randy just got back from a vacation to Branson. Their original plan was to ride their motorcycle there, and then take little bike trips from there. With all the rain though, they were smart and played it safe -- they took their car instead. That didn't stop my mom though! She bought herself this sassy motorcycle hat! I would never have imagined her wearing this, but cannot get over how great it looks!

:: Last night, Chris and I stumbled across a show on TLC called "Born Without Limbs", which was a documentary about Nick Vujicic -- it was beyond inspiring! Nick was born without arms and legs, and I believe has part of one foot. There were so many touching moments in the show, and moments that were just mind blowing in how creative they are for him to do things on his own. Simply incredible. If you haven't heard of him, you should definitely give him a google. He has a few books that I would really like to read. With him in the pic below (borrowed from People Magazine) is his wife...she is so strong and was also so inspiring to see. They have a little boy, and another one on the way! I read today that if the show was a success, they might begin filming a reality show about him. I would definitely be watching!

:: I stumbled upon a "pet peeve" today -- there are so many recipes online these days, and it is crazy to come upon one that doesn't have the "easy print" button included. Really!? Come on. They never print right, and then I have to copy it and take it into Word, reformat, etc. Unless it is a really good looking recipe, I just will not go to that effort. Look at that Paleo blueberry bread below...no Print button. So, I passed. Ok, rant over. (In talking with Chris -- my techie -- just now, it doesn't seem as easy to set that up as I thought -- so maybe I shouldn't have a pet peeve about this ha!)

:: I am still skimming my way through I Am Malala -- one thing that really stands out to me is how the Taliban ravaged their own country. I think, as an American, I was under the impression that the Taliban were terrorists who were out to get America. (Don't judge me, I rarely watch the news.) Malala's story tells of the awful things the Taliban did in her country and to her people, as well. So, that is a good takeaway.

:: Okay folks...time to scrapbook!!!

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