June 22, 2015

:: Last night I thought...ahhhh! At least we have one more day in the weekend! Only...nope. It was Sunday night and it was time for back to work.

:: Today we did our meal swap -- I took a beef stew, and in return I got: baked almond chicken tenders; coconut chicken patties; and salsa lime crockpot chicken. All of them sound good, but won't be making them all this week -- that's too much chicken! If my beef stew is tasty, I will share the recipe!

:: This evening, Mimi bought us Mr. Burger as a late Father's Day meal :) It was yummy!

:: Today at work, I dealt with an issue for about an hour and a half, and then discovered that it wasn't an issue at all. So, a bit of a waste of time, but also thrilled that there was no issues. Issues wear me out.

:: I was thinking that our board meeting was tomorrow, and was feeling stressed to get my two albums complete so she could pick them up. However, I was a week early whoops! The meeting isn't until next week! So that gives me a little extra time to fine tune. BUT then I discovered that the meeting next week is going to be a webinar and they aren't coming in to town! So, her sister will pick it up next week. A little breathing room :)

:: Tomorrow is book club -- still haven't finished the book. I've skimmed enough to be at about 65% and will skim the rest tonight. Not my fave. I hope the next hostess picks a novel. If not, I will need to read something else at the same time -- I have The Girl on the Train that I need to start!

:: I just took some egg muffins out of the oven and they smell so good! I used the farm fresh eggs and the farm fresh pork sausage...will be very delish for my breakfast!

:: And now, I must scrapbook and do some book skimming!

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