June 23, 2015

:: This evening was book club! We had it at our house, and there were 6 of us...we talked about "I Am Malala", and had some yummy snacks too. It's a fun group of ladies! Next up, we are going to read "The Neverending Road", which is written by a local author. And the next hostess, Glenda, is going to have the author come talk with us :) That should be interesting! It is not a novel, though, so I am going to have to read two books at once. I am not used to all this non-fiction, and it isn't entirely my cup of tea. Gotta get some make-believe in there!!

:: Chris went to the Rangers game this evening, with some people from his department (to make up for the game they were supposed to go to, but didn't because of the rain). They were able to take the company jet, but they didn't get to sit in the normal company seats (which are right behind the third base duggout). They are up in the nosebleed section :) They are still having a good time though! It will be a late night for him.

:: Tomorrow, I am putting my beef stew into the crockpot, and am hopeful that it will be yum yum! I shall let you know!

:: The rest of my evening, I'm going to finish up the scrapbooks. Not much left at all! Super excited!! Hope she loves them!!!

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