July 27, 2015

Catch Up Day

:: Fun weekends are so wonderful!! The Monday afterwards...oi.  :) Wish I would have taken the day off work!! But alas.

:: So, after work today, I needed to do the grocery shopping -- I don't mind grocery shopping, but doing it after work is another story. Whew...luckily, I remembered to bring my flat shoes to change into. Grocery shopping in heels is the absolute worst! Our grocery stores -- we used to have a United and an Albertsons, across the street from one another...they combined and were turned in to a Market Street. Now there is just one building. It is a super nice store now, only it is two groups of clients combined into one store. It is always so crowded now. It doesn't help that there are now sample tables everywhere, and as soon as you walk in they have a deli and a sushi department -- you can barely get in to the store! I may need to start shopping somewhere else, at least for awhile. Until the "new" dies down. But unfortunately, this is the closest store by far. Hm. First World problems, I know.

:: Before I stopped at the grocery store, I ran by Katie's house -- she had another batch of clothes for me to look through! Since I am in the process of decluttering, I vowed to only buy what I really liked. So, I came home with two tanks -- one black ruffle tank from Express and one mustard yellow tank. Done deal!

:: Speaking of decluttering -- today I went through my shorts and my skirts! Moving right along through the clothes. I'm going to skip to my scrapbook room after I get done with the clothing, because I want to collect some stuff for our newbie scrappers. And let's just be honest -- my scrapbook room is the most cluttered room of our house. Toooo much stuff. I don't use 50% of it.

:: Chris went to our nurse practitioner today, to get a referral for a surgeon. He is 95% sure that he has a sports hernia. (That is not the same thing as a regular hernia) So, he needs to meet with the surgeon to see what the surgery entails, how long recovery is, etc. Currently, he is unable to run because it is hurting him so much. Chris not running is not a natural thing, so it makes him antsy. Please say some prayers for him...it was a big step for him to make the appointment today. Now to see what's next. His appointment with the surgeon is this Thursday.

:: A funny story about his appointment today...this is a new nurse practitioner, because our other one moved to South Dakota. This was her first experience with Chris, and when she took his pulse, she became very concerned. His resting heart rate is extremely low (49!!!!), because his heart is so conditioned from his running! Unless a nurse/doctor knows him and his running history, they always want to send him directly to the ER :)

:: Watching So You Think You Can Dance -- my favorites so far are JaJa and Virgil -- they both did great tonight!Virgil, himself, really cracks me up! Such a little nugget!

:: After a long day...I'm signing off!

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