July 26, 2015

Fantastic Weekend! {Scrapbook Retreat}

Oh happy weekend!!! It was Scrapbook Retreat weekend and I loved it!!

But first things first...more tidying has been done! I tackled my purse/bag collection and my shoe collection. Man, both collections were ridiculous!! I have pulled aside at least half of each category, and it feels so good! I may try to sell some of the bags. But most importantly, they are out of my closet!! I am loving this!! More to come this week -- tops, pants, and jewelry.

Konmari Method on my Bags/Purses! http://kelleylynne.blogspot.com

Saturday morning at 10:00, the girls arrived for our retreat!! We had a pretty full house, and that was so nice! Me, Kim, Terry, Pam, and Paula -- and then we had Allison and Shelby and Linda as well, who are newbies! Fun times! Everyone attended both days, except for Linda...she couldn't return on Sunday. I think that everyone had a great retreat, and they were all so productive! So proud of everyone!

I think my total came to 64 pages! I am pleased with that, of course!

Here is out setup, in the living room...we each have our own little space, and we work work work! We take breaks whenever we feel the need, and we each were in charge of our own meals, drinks, etc. We talk, we have silence...we just ebb and flow and it is perfect!

Here I am on Sunday morning, bright and early before the other girls arrived for the day...the quiet before the storm, ha ha! 

Just a little showcase of my talented group!! Terry's book, Pam's page,
Paula's page, and Terry's supply stash!
My pages, Allison's Disney book, Shelby's page, Kim's page
The pups did fairly well throughout the whole weekend...once everyone was in and settled, they were fine. And Chris had himself a very good weekend! Look what was delivered!

So, he spent all day Saturday moving rocks into the dry river bed that he is creating for landscaping. He was a happy boy! Sunday he cut the grass, and then holed up in the theater room to watch tv and do some work stuff. All in all, everyone was happy! And productive!

Thanks to my girls for coming over and spending the weekend with me! I loved it! I'll be sharing some layouts soon!!

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