July 23, 2015

Short and Sweet

:: More KonMari!! Today I did my pjs and lounge clothes, along with my scarves, jeans, and hats! I also answered the urge and did a little at work too! :) Brought a whole bag of stuff (junk) home. It will be going into the "give away" pile. That pile is growing! Makes me happy happy...

:: Dinner tonight is swai fish, roasted mushrooms, and teriyaki rice...I am ready to eat out tomorrow! Too much cooking this week for me. Not enough swap meals. It will be a few weeks before we do the swap meals again, because of people being on vacations. Including me :) We'll pick back up once it dies down.

:: Work has been crazy...feeling a bit braindead in the evenings. It has been such a nice week having some down time. I value my down time! Unfortunately, a dead brain makes it difficult to blog...not much to report here. I'll be back on Monday with stories from our amazing scrapbook retreat!!!!

:: IN THE MEANTIME!! Would you be willing to take a very quick survey? Simply click RIGHT HERE and it will take you straight to it. I would love to have your honest feedback!! Thank you in advance!

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