July 22, 2015


:: I am slowly starting to do a little of the KonMari tidy technique, as I have time. It is honestly a great feeling, after completing each category!! When you gather everything within a category and lay it in a pile, then start going through it piece by piece, it is so easy to see where your excess lies. Why does one person need 15 pair of fuzzy socks??? We all have so much excess, in every category of life. I have done three of the clothing categories so far -- swimsuits/coverups, bras, and socks. In each category, I am very pleased with the amount of stuff I am getting rid of! (I kept 3 of my favorite pair of fuzzy socks.) To go through our entire house will take some time, and I am ok with that. I wanted to find a comprehensive KonMari list to keep track of what I accomplish, and I really like this one. Very in-depth, and listed in order of how it should be tackled. Now I am really wanting to KonMari my office at work!!!I did a little before I left this evening, and already feeling lighter :)

::I found out this afternoon that Stitch Fix's blog is going to feature my latest review from my 6th fix!! VERY excited about that! It is a company that I am really enjoying, and I am honored that they chose me for their Review section! Whoop Whoop! It will be featured on Friday, 7-24...

:: Kim has been on vacation this week, visiting her dad and step-mom up north...she leaves tomorrow to head home, yay!! They'll be back on Friday, and she will be home just in time to attend our retreat! Please pray for their safe travels, it is a very long drive.

:: I have a delicious stew in the crockpot, it smells so good! As soon as Chris returns from his bike ride, we will be digging in!

:: Today is Aspen's 19th birthday -- I hope she had a good day. We did find out that she recently got a full-time job at an apartment leasing company, so that is good news. She has left her part-time job at Dillards, and has something steady now. We love her very much, even as she chooses to be estranged from our family right now. There are difficult things in life, sometimes. This, unfortunately, is part of our story.

:: Good night, friends...

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