July 21, 2015

Tuesday's Thoughts

:: Super excited right now! There is a So You Think You Can Dance 10 Year Anniversary bonus show tonight!!!! I can't wait to see the routines they bring back. Hopefully a few of the ones that remain on my top favorite list!! They started with The Bench, so you know it will be good!! (Wonder why Heidi wouldn't come back for that dance???)

:: In terms of this new season, I don't have a favorite yet -- my favorite didn't make the top 20, so...still waiting for someone to grab me. I guess right now I am going with JaJa, personality-wise.

:: Today was...long.

:: For dinner, we had buttermilk chicken nuggets, roasted potatoes and garlic, and roasted green beans (those were not so bueno). You win some, you lose some ha!

:: The days are ticking down until the scrapbook retreat this weekend!! I can not wait! And lucky us, the remaining three days we get to dress casual at work!! Woot!

:: Please continue to pray for Mimi's sister Pat...she is stage 4 and is in the middle of her first round of chemo. Mimi will be going up there this weekend, to support her once the aftermath hits. Her doctor is optimistic, and wouldn't put her through the intensive treatment if she didn't think there was a chance of remission.

:: Chris and I are prepping for an upcoming anniversary trip! It will be #8 for us :) We'll be spending about 6 days in Fredericksburg and we can not wait to get there and relax in our favorite place!!!

:: For now...I am going to relax here in my house :)

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